justhost complete reviewI’ll begin this review for JustHost by saying that their services are very good, BUT the price can be expensive or very cheap, depending of the offer you’ll get when signing up with them. I will elaborate on that subject in the price section of this review. If you ended up reading JustHost reviews like this one, then you probably ask yourself these two questions: “Does JustHost sucks ?” or “Does JustHost rules ?”. I hope you’ll find your answer in this review. Now let us take a look at their web hosting services and find out what they offer.

  • JustHost Features

  • Plan with discount: 20%
    12 month: $5.95
    24 month: $4.95
    36 month: $4.45
    Free domain name for life.
    Disk Space: Unlimited!
    Bandwidth: Unlimited!
    Websites: Unlimited!
    Mails: Unlimited!
    Rating: 9/10 – RECOMMENDED!Visit now!

    As you can see, JustHost does have the unlimited web hosting standard with unlimited everything. They have good support and very good web hosting services. Of course, nothing compares with HostGator, but you can get JustHost has very similar features in their accessible web hosting plan which can be bought on a very low price if you can take the 50% discount from them. Note that the price above is for the 20% discount.

  • JustHost’s price can be expensive or cheap

  • Even though this sounds like a paradox, it’s true. If you rush and instantly sign up, you’ll get expensive prices. With JustHost You can get the 20% discount easily in two ways. You can click on the hidden link (not worth) or you can just CLOSE the browser page and a popup will appear with a special offer of 20% discount. Click cancel and you’ll start chatting with a virtual robot (yes, it’s a robot not a girl).

    justhosts special offer

    If you click on that link, you’ll get the 20% discount. Note that sometimes (not every time) if you keep closing up your browser again and again, you’ll end up with a big 50% discount from the first purchase. This is great and you can really have very good web hosting services for a small price. Another trick is that on the main page you can change the country. If you are in Europe for example the price will be in EUROs and if you change to US the price will be in US Dollars. It is clear that JustHost has a good marketing strategy with these offers, but smart people will always get the best price they offer. I see this as an advantage, because you can get REALLY GOOD web hosting services for an awesome price. So what do you think so far from this review, is JustHost good or bad choice of web hosting ?

  • JustHost overview

  • – Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, mySQL databases, etc.
    Fantastico script installer with tons of scripts like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, SMF, etc. ready to be installed with just a few clicks and no experience needed.
    – cPanel control panel which allows you great control in web hosting
    Any time money back guarantee.
    – State of the art support.
    Free domain name for life.
    – Instant account activation.


  • They have good services, very good I might add, but the key is to get a good discount. The price without any discount is a bit expensive and with that money you can sign up with HostGator which also uses cPanel and is the number one hosting company in my vision. But with a good discount JustHost really worth it because they have great features and cPanel control panel. They also have ANY TIME money back guarantee and free domain for life, which is awesome. Among other things that matter, their support is really great and a large number of review sites placed JustHost on th 1st place in their top. So this means that they have one of the best web hosting services. You really have nothing to lose, because if you don’t like something you can always get your money back and change to another host. Hope this review for JustHost is as complete as possible and help you respond to the important question: is JustHost good or bad ? Visit JustHost now and claim your discount !

    justhost web hosting

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