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ipage review affordable web hosting service

I’ll begin this iPage review by pointing out that this is one of those web hosting companies that offer awesome service at affordable price. They are in the hosting business sincer 1998 and they over over 1 million cutomers. Does iPage worth it ? Does it sucks ? Find out reading this article. Choosing the host for your sites is a very important stage in making your business successful.

  • iPage Hosting Features

  • Starting from : $1.99 / month! (depending on the day discount)
    Domain: FREE!
    Disk Space: Unlimited!
    Bandwidth: Unlimited!
    Websites: Unlimited!
    Mail accounts: Unlimited!
    Rating: 10/10 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Visit now!
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Best VPS Hosting plan – Top quality VPS services

Best VPS Hosting plan – Top quality VPS Services

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting is a good alternative are a great alternative when compared to low-end dedicated servers and perfect for those who need more than a shared hosting account can offer. VPS Hosting allows for an affordable solution for small businesses that need special features such as SSH access, custom firewalls, dedicated IP addresses or other features usually reserved for dedicated servers. I hope this article will answer you to questions line: “which is the best VPS Hosting plan ?” or “where can I find top quality VPS services ?”. Here are the best hosting plans that provide top quality VPS services: Continue Reading »

Inmotion review – Fast and reliable web hosting service

inmotion review fast and reliable hosting

Inmotion is a web hosting company that has a great reputation as one of the most reliable hosting services with very high uptime. They focus on customer service and reliability. Overall, we think Inmotion is a great choice, particularly for businesses due to their increase reliability, but tell me one individual that doesn’t want that also ? Inmotion Hosting offers unlimited diskspace and bandwidth with their Business Plan for only $5.95 per month. This offer is pretty competitive and in line with most offerings in the web hosting market. Of course, setup is free. Lets take a closer look to Inmotion features and what they offer.

  • Inmotion Hosting Features

  • Plan name: Launch
    12 month: $6.95/month
    24 month: $5.95/month
    Setup: FREE
    Site transfer: Zero Downtime!
    Disk Space: Unlimited!
    Bandwidth: Unlimited!
    Websites: 2
    Rating : 8.5/10 RECOMMENDED!Visit now!

    If you want to host one or two websites then this hosting plan is a great choice for you. You can always upgrade to power Continue Reading »

Lunarpages review – Good hosting plan with great support

lunar pages review good hosting planIf you are looking for reliable and cheap webhosting services take a look to Lunarpages, one of the best option out there. They have over 13 years of web hosting experience, so they know their stuff. This web hosting company offers affordable web hosting services for everyone. The best thing about Lunarpages is their customer support, but I’ll talk about that later in this review. Their Basic Plan is a very good web hosting choice for small projects, business sites, blogs, forums etc.

  • Lunarpages Features

  • 12 month: $8.95/month
    24 month: $6.95/month
    60 month plan: $4.95/month
    Domain: FREE
    Disk Space: Unlimited!
    Bandwidth: Unlimited!
    Websites: Unlimited!
    Rating : 8.5/10 RECOMMENDED!Visit now!

    As you can see above Lunarpages has a good web hosting service with the unlimited standard. These days most of the Continue Reading »

GoDaddy full Review – Does Godaddy worth it ?

godaddy web hosting services reviewGoDaddy started their web hosting service in March of 1999. You might know them the Super Bowl commercials or the popular TV advertisements. Overall GoDaddy is a very good hosting provider IF you have websites or blogs with medium traffic load. As long as you don’t exceed the limits of storage and bandwidth you can consider you have a premium service, but if your site grows over night, than GoDaddy isn’t your best choice because their unlimited hosting plan is expensive compared to iPage or even the mighty HostGator.

  • GoDaddy Features

  • Plan name: Deluxe
    12 month – $6.99/mo
    24 month – $5.99/mo
    36 month – $4.99/mo
    150 GB Space
    Unlimited Websites
    Unlimited Bandwidth

    500 Email Accounts
    25 MySQL Databases
    Rating: 8/10

    Their Economy plan is one of the cheapest web hosting service, but offer only 10GB of storage which is not so Continue Reading »

JustHost complete review: is JustHost good or bad ?

justhost complete reviewI’ll begin this review for JustHost by saying that their services are very good, BUT the price can be expensive or very cheap, depending of the offer you’ll get when signing up with them. I will elaborate on that subject in the price section of this review. If you ended up reading JustHost reviews like this one, then you probably ask yourself these two questions: “Does JustHost sucks ?” or “Does JustHost rules ?”. I hope you’ll find your answer in this review. Now let us take a look at their web hosting services and find out what they offer.

  • JustHost Features

  • Plan with discount: 20%
    12 month: $5.95
    24 month: $4.95
    36 month: $4.45
    Free domain name for life.
    Disk Space: Unlimited!
    Bandwidth: Unlimited!
    Websites: Unlimited!
    Mails: Unlimited!
    Rating: 9/10 – RECOMMENDED!Visit now!

    As you can see, JustHost does have the unlimited web hosting standard with unlimited everything. They have good support and very good web hosting services. Of course, nothing compares with HostGator, but you can get JustHost has very similar features in their accessible web hosting plan which can be bought on a very low price if you can take the 50% discount from them. Note that the price above is for the 20% discount. Continue Reading »

The most reliable hosting provider – HostGator full review

hostgator hosting provider full reviewHostGator was founded in 2002 in Florida by Brent Oxley. Very soon it became one of the top hosting companies in the world with over 5 millions websites on their servers. All my sites (including this one) are hosted with HostGator and I must say that I’m very proud to be their customer. Their support is flawless and their web services shine. Before I’ll start this full review for HostGator let me tell you the two most valuable coupons you can use when signing up with them. You can either get a 25% discount for the initial order or the first month for $0.01. I really recommend to use the 25% off coupon with one year subscription because you can always get a prorated refund for your unused portion of the hosting plan so you can get your money back easily.

  • HostGator Features for Baby plan

  • 1 month plan: $0.01 / month
    6 month plan: $7.46 / month
    12 month plan: $7.46 / month
    24 month plan: $6.71 / month
    36 month plan: $5.96 / month
    Disk Space: Unlimited!
    Bandwidth: Unlimited!
    Domains: Unlimited!
    Mails: Unlimited!
    Rating: 10/10 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Visit now!

    I’ll continue this full review for HostGator hosting plans by saying that this is the “100% no regret” host. Why I say that ? Because they have the best support in the web hosting services industry and they offer high quality Continue Reading »


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